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Jantle Marine participated in Foreign Economic and Trade Enterprise Matchmaking Conference of Anhui Province

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General Manager Davis SK Zhao and vice general manager Zhen Dong from Jantle Marine participated in the “Cohesive Power, Confront Epidemic” Foreign Economic and Trade Enterprise Matchmaking Conference of Anhui Province, organized by Department of Commerce of Anhui Province and Anhui Branch of China Export &Credit Insurance Corporation(hereinafter called SINOSURE), in Hefei Swan Lake Hotel on August 26th afternoon 2020, aims to encourage thejoint efforts of foreign economic and trade enterprises in Anhui Province to explore overseas markets, improve risk management and control capabilities and the ability to form groups to go abroad.

Deputy Director General Ms. Huang Ying and Director Wenbin Sun from Department ofCommerce, General Manager Chengzhao Deng and Director Peng Wang from SINOSURE attended the conference specially.

Participating enterprises focus on the discussion, exchanges and matchmaking negotiations around situation research and judgment, enterprise demand, enterprise supply,opinions and suggestions, etc. Our general manager, Mr. Zhao, made aspecial report to the leaders of the Department of Commerce and SINOSURE and the participating companies at the economic and trade conference.

General Manager Mr. Zhao emphatically introduced the our company’s products and performance, analyzed the impact on the company’s business under the current environment, and how to connect with SINOSURE and banks to develop the international market jointly, and hope that the relevant authorities in Anhui Province could attach importance to the development of new energy ships. Promote the application and express the desire to cooperate with the provincial central enterprises and state-owned foreign economic and trade units to expand foreign markets.

The Department of Commerce of Anhui Province introduced the situation and policies of foreign investment and cooperation in the first half of the year, and the construction of public platforms for "going out".

SINOSURE also emphatically introduced the relevant policies of financing insurance.

The leaders of the Department of Commerce of Anhui Province encouraged participating enterprises to unite, overcome difficulties, focus on epidemic prevention and production, and actively expand overseas markets.