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Huaian Xinli Machinery Co., Ltd visited our company

Date:2020-06-19 Look:[ ]

The delegation two persons, Vice General Manager Mr. Shouqian Wu etc. visited Jantle Marine on June 19th 2020, from Huaian Xinli Machinery Co., Ltd, the famous manufacturer of hydraulic crane in Huaian city.

Jantle Marine and Xinli Machinery introduced business range and performance conditions each other detailed in recent years, and explored the possibility of strengthening the cooperation in the future fully. About the actual needs and requirements of hydraulic crane of Bangladesh client, Manager Wu said Xinli Machinery will give us the fully support, from production, assembly, test to warranty service, and be sure its satisfactory to the client.

This visiting and meeting by face to face, two parties talked much happily, and expressing their intensive desire to cooperate and expand the international market in the future.