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Jantle Marine was invited to participate in review meeting for design scheme of SOV

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From July 4th to 5th, GM Mr. Zhao Sikui, Vice GM Mr. Qian Jun and Mr. DongZhen of Jantle Marine, as well as Mr. Li Suyu, GM of Dual Panorama Maritime, wereinvited to wuhu Tieshan Hotel to attend the review meeting for design scheme ofWind Power Service Operation Vessel (SOV), which was well planned and organizedby Wuhu Shipyard.

The SOV is of domestic initiative, attracting five domestic and foreign topdesign institutes including CSSRC, SDARI, CSDC, NODRI and Ulstein toparticipate in the design scheme preparation and submission for review.

And the review team is quite luxurious, besides the technical experts fromthe shipowner Shenzhen Southern Power Investment Corporation and Wuhu Shipyard,also invited the external expert review team with President Weng Zhenping of MarineEquipment Institute of Shanghai Jiao Tong University as the review team leaderand technical experts from domestic several Wind power companies as members.

After nearly 2 days' introduction, Q & A, comments and review summary,the review team finally selected 3 institutes (CSSRC, Ulstein and SDARI) toprepare the specific design proposal for the final review. Through this review,the design input of the SOV was clarified, and a solid foundation was laid forthe design scheme and operational requirements of the next stage.

With the Carbonless development direction of global economy, wind power isbound to become the main power source, while the installed scale of offshorewind power will be further expanded and gradually transferred from the coast tothe deep sea. Small wind power operation and maintenance shipswill no longer adapt to the operation and maintenance requirements of deep-seawind farms, while the demand for SOV ships is bound to blowout growth in thenext decade.