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Jantle Marine becomes a member of Anhui Chamber of Commerce for International Economic Cooperation

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Sep 15th,2020


The Anhui Chamber of Commerce for International Economic Cooperation (hereinafter calls “AHICC”for short) is established in Anhui Province, which voluntarily established by enterprises or units engaged in foreign contracted projects, foreign labor service cooperation (including overseas employment agencies), foreign direct investment, and other international economic cooperation or related international service trade (including foreign labor training institutions orbases, etc.), registered as a non-profit social organization with corporate legal personality in the Anhui Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. Sinceits establishment in 2009, the AHICC has followed the guidelines of “Coordination, guidance, consultation, and service”, actively exerting the functions ofindustry organizations of “providing services, reflecting demands, and regulating behavior”, and is committed to promoting the development of Anhui's foreign investment, foreign contracted projects, labor service cooperation, and other international economic and technological cooperation.


Because Jantle Marine has rich experience in "going out" in the fields of ship engineering, mechanical equipment, raw materials and auxiliary materials for many years, and has implemented multiple projects overseas, Mr. Hou Gexiong, the Chairman of the AHICC, personally brought the Approval Letter to our company, to agree Jantle Marine as a member of AHICC.


Our Managing Director and G.M. Mr. Davis SK Zhao warmly welcomed Mr Hou, and reported the foreign business situation of our company in recent years, and also hope the two sides can have a deep cooperation with each other in the future.